• The craftsmen of Tripura are highly skilled in crafting excellent handicrafts. The different ethnic groups of the state are perfect in bamboo and cane work. Some of the attractive handicrafts of the state are room divider, decorated wall panels,silver jewellery, lamps, furniture of cane, ornamental articles, bamboo dining table mats and floor mats. The artisans of Tripura weave wonderful fabrics with great designs. The typical handloom consists of vertical and horizontal stripes with colourful embroidery.
  • Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts the land of Tripura produces abundant bamboo and cane which are used to make different types of Handicrafts like chairs, tables, mats, hats, bags, hand fans, containers etc. These durable articles are exported to different countries where they are in great demand.
  • Handloom the tribes of Tripura wear their own handmade clothes with great colour combinations and designs. Risa and Riha are the famous traditional items of Tripura. Here every tribal girl is expected to know the art of weaving. In fact, this art is an integral part of their lives. You can buy great handloom products from Purbasha, a Government of Tripura undertaking Sales Emporium and other private emporium.