Education of West Tripura DistrictEducation of West Tripura District involves the various educational institutes present here like B.B. Evening College, Agartala, Government College of Education, Agartala, Tripura Government Law College, Agartala and numerable other institutes.

The average literacy rate of the entire district is 41.07. However, the highest literacy rate has measured upto 55.25, which is the literacy rate of eight villages which possessed a population of 10000. The immediate next literacy rate recorded by this district is 45.08, which has been achieved in as many as 34 villages, which consisted of a population of about 5000 to 9999. 13.22 has been the lowest rate of literacy of eight villages involving a population of less than 200 and the second lowest literacy rate is 15.79 which was existent in 14 villages with a population range consisting of 200 to 499. A literacy rate measuring 30.47 and 38.75 were obtained by as many as 106 villages with a range of population of 500 to 1999.