Disaster Management

 While Tripura as a whole lies approximately between the north latitude 22 degrees 56′ and 24 degrees 32′ and between longitude 91 degrees 0′ and 92 degrees 20′ east, the West Tripura district lies approximately between latitude 23 degrees 16′ to 24 degrees 14′ north and longitude 91 degrees 09′ east to 91 degrees 47′ east. The West Tripura District is bounded by Bangladesh in the north and west by North Tripura in the east and by South Tripura in the south. Total area of the district is 3544 The district headquarters is located at Agartala, which is also the capital of the State.

Disaster Management Plan 2022-2023 DMP 2022-23 West Tripura District pdf

Flood Management Plan 2022-2023 FMP 2022-2023 West Tripura District