SVEEP Activities (NVD)-West Tripura District

Parameters Activity
1. Whether NVD was organized in the District.
Mention no. of locations in the district where
NVD was organized.
Yes, NVD WAS ORGANIZED IN THE District. 439 no. of locations in the district where NVD was organized.
2. Total electors who were distributed EPIC on
NVD. Verify some of them
On 25th January, 2017 total 7532 no’s electors were distributed.
3. Number of educational institutions who
organized NVD function, mention details
227 no’s of Education Institutions were involved in sub Division level & AC level Programmes.
4. No. of special camps organized (if any) for
surrender of duplicates, correction of details etc.
3 (nine) No. of special camps organized.
5. Whether organized any event like
Quiz/Drawing competition etc.
Quiz contest along with power point presentation for encouraging registration in the voter list and participation in voting organized in all Sub-Division and District Headquarter on 25.01.2017. In this year also Quiz contest and other year will held.
Special Drive to enroll left out voters
Whether SVEEP strategy develop for special
Drive to enroll left out voters? Pl check the
document/ Paper 
Yes, Special campaign conducted in colleges, H/S Schools. Display in prominent places made through faxes. Apart from this public announcement by vehicles in prominent places regarding the schedule and allied issues including forms. House to house visit made by BLO’s during special drive within the period of
No. of special camp planned 16 (6th July, 2017 & 22nd July,2017)
Whether colleges have been coordinated with
for providing Form-6 Mandatorily with admission
forms. How many such colleges in the District?
Is there any creative message/material developed for the special drive? Pl check and comment. Slogans to encourage for enrolment were generated and displayed through flexes. To cover the remote habitations one component in this regard kept in Administrative Camps. Power Point Presentation made to make the same Lucid.
Interactive School Engagement
Have instruction on ISE imparted to the EROS along with the ISE Kits? Yes
Have schools to be visited by DEO and EROs (in July) been idebtified? Schools to be visited by DEO 2 no’s and EROs 30 no’s (in July ) been identified?
Randomly check the schools identified for ISE, do they cover both rural and urban schools. Yes
Campus Ambassadors & BAGs
No. of Campus Ambassadors (CAS) currently appointed in the district? Is their list available on DEO,s website?Check randomly with some CAs on their contact numbers.  Total 19 no’s. Yes , available in the DEO’s website.
Any training conducted with the CAs? Specify the date.Yes , Date
Is BAG functional in the district? Randomly attend BAG meetings.Do they have any kits provided by the DEO's office?Yes , BAG functional. Yes, Randomly attend some BAG meetings. No kit provided by the DEO’s office.
When was last training of BAG conducted?When is the next training planned? Specify date.N/A
Is the District SVEEP Nodal Officer appointed? Is he with exclusive charge of SVEEP?Yes, 1. Sri Bipul kr. Debbarma, Asst. Director ICA, M/No. 9436461079 2. Md. Kamal Hussion ,APD, m/No. 8787883961 Yes, exclusive charge of SVEEP  
Is the District SVEEP Core committee formed?When was the last meeting of the Core Committee held? Yes
No. of District icons? PL give namesOne Smt. Dipa Karmakar, Olympics Gymnast
Is any message developed with the district IconYes
Has budget been received by the district under ECI's "Grant-in-aid" for SVEEP No